City Hall for the Municipality of Barreiras, Bahia

The proposal presented to the Municipall Government of the city of Barreiras, in the State of Bahia, is part of a master plan for an area of 400 ha. in the south-west vestor of the city. It represents an architectural complex that includes the headquarters of the Municipality (City Hall and the City Council), cultural spaces and a restaurant on a lake located on a site located o n the opposite side of a structural avenue that links the area to downtown and the aviation club to the south. It is a bioclimatic builing, with a green roof and photovoltaic panels for energy generation, besiders thge use of rainwater. The building allows that people may walk on its rooftop, thus enjoying s wide vision of the region’s beautiful urban and natural landscape.

Alameda Franca, 708
Alphaville 4
Santana de Parnaíba, SP – Brazil
Zip Code: 06542-010
Phone: +55-11-4153-0511