CLOUD RIO – Telecommunications towers and turistic pole on the Sumaré Mountain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The proposal, developed for ANATEL by the Telecommunications Research Group at NUTAU/USP – Nucleus of Research in Technology of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Sao Paulo, of which various members of e-DAU participate, aims to correct an existing problem in Rio de Janeiro: an excess of telecommunications towers on the mountain top of Sumare, with operational problemas and a negative impact on the urban landscape. The proposal is to reduce the towers to just three, witha advantages regarding the functioning of the different systems (TV, FM and Communications), with offices and parking for the stations and specific control rooms for the air traffic (helicopters). Other advanteges include the significant reduction of pollution by the use of a hybrid system of energy sources, including solar, wind, electric and generator, with the environmental recovery of the mountain top area and the creation of a technical support sector to the towers, with a garden separating it from the visitors’ sector. This will be directed to tourism, with shops, services, restaurant, fast-food, exhbition area, museum and wide perspectives of the whole Rio de Janeiro region and its landscape and historical landmarks, suspended over the slopes of the mountain by steel rods hung from the three towers and anchored on the slopes themselves in order to guarantee its structural stability. Above this visitors’ sector a rooftop was proposed with a water pool (for the retaining and use of rainwater) and solar panels and wind turnbines to supply the energy needed by the complex. This should be implemented by means of a PPP and may have an active role in the Olympic Games, with visual and lighting effects on the city and of the complex itself, lighting the artificial vapour cloud which would be created on special days of the year (i.e. Carnival, Anniversary, Holidays and sport and cultural megaevents, etc.).

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