Sign System for the Carnival of the 450 Years of Sao Paulo

The design propoisal for the thematic sign system for th e Carnival of the City of Sao Paulo in 2004 (presented by PUBLISTAND to Anhembi Turismo) had as an objective the commemoration, in an impacting manner, of the 450 year anniversary of the City. The logo had as a concept the union between races that compose the paulistano population, as a form of honouring and telling a bit about the city’s history. The proposed visual identity was adopted in all the elements of the system, including entrance portals and those for the interior passages, murals honouring the samba schools and horizontal planes that accompany the samba pathway, among other elements of the system.

Alameda Franca, 708
Alphaville 4
Santana de Parnaíba, SP – Brazil
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