Single-family Residence in Sao Paulo

The design of this residence, for a young couple with two children, took advantage of a long and narrow plot of an old industrial shed, demolished in the process. The linearity of the site suggested a design that should follow a perpendicular axis to the access street, along which the various areas of the house, one-storey with a small mezzanine, were organized. The bedrooms face the sun ny eastern side of the plot while the service areas were distributed along the western façade. The old factory building was recalled through an inclined roof above the axis, with the shape of a shed, allowing for the entrance of natural lighting along its path. At the back of the plot the swimming pool was located and a leisure area. the construction method that was adopted is hybrid, with masosnry walls with a hand-made brick finishing and columns and roof structure in steel, with an Evalon waterproofing cover, a technological innovation at the time. Recently, the owner requested a design for its interiors to better accomodate his new family needs.

Alameda Franca, 708
Alphaville 4
Santana de Parnaíba, SP – Brazil
Zip Code: 06542-010
Phone: +55-11-4153-0511