Mariana Fontes Pérez Rial

Consultant in Urban Planning and Design

Academic Background:

Professor of the Department of Civil Construction, in the courses of Architecture, Urbanism and Civil Engineering, at the Federal Institute of Sao Paulo - FISP, Sao Paulo, 2018 onwards; Professor of the Nucleus of Urbanism at FAAO, Rio Branco, AC, Brazil, 2018 onwards; Professor of the Nucleus of Urbanism at the Course of Architecture and Urbanism, FIAM-FAAM, Sao Paulo, 2011-2013; Ph.D. in Architectural Design, FAU/USP - School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Sao Paulo, 2015; Master in Urban Environmental Structures, FAU/USP, Sao Paulo, 2008; Architect and Urbanist, FAU/USP, Sao Paulo, 2002.

Professional Experience :

Consultant in Urban Planning and Design, Sao Paulo, 2019 onwards; Partner and Director at Tecla Arquitetura, Sao Paulo, 2013-2018; Design Coordinator, N&W Arquitetos, Sao Paulo, 2008-2013.

Other current positions:

Assistant Researcher at , NUTAU/USP – Nucleus of Research in the Technology of Architecture and Technology, Sao Paulo, 2015 onwards.

Alameda Franca, 708
Alphaville 4
Santana de Parnaíba, SP – Brasil
Zip Code: 06542-010
Phone: +55-11-4153-6443 / 4153-4878